I read x3, code x2, design x2, exercise x1 and I sometimes write.

I’ve a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence form Damascus University, Syria in 2013 and a Master degree in Ubiquitous Interactive Systems from UJF, France, 2015. I published 10 research papers in machine learning and creativity tools while still un undergrad, nominated for best paper award 4 times, worked in startups in the Netherlands and the UK, wrote and drew a book on behavioral economics and taught 1500 learners programming languages.

I love to experiment all the time. I work in the cross joint between art, human psychology and technology.

Between 2016 – March 2018, I worked at Squla, creating the next gamified education platform. I lived and worked in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In 2017, I was endorsed by TechCity UK as an Exceptional Talent – Tier 1. I therefore moved to the crazy awesome London in late May 2018. I built the whole software architecture for Neurofenix in 5 months.

Later I founded Alphazed. We were a small team, but doing really big things. We launched Amal and 3 more apps to come between 2021 and 2022.

Currently I’m an Engineering Director at Noon.

I’m based in London, UK. And it’s cloudy out here.

My favorite writers are Seneca and Nassim Taleb, and therefore, I very much hate imposters.

You can download my CV here.

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