This is May 2013 version of Ropossum. i.e. Ropossum V1.0 which serves as my graduation project in the Faculty of Information Technology Engineering in Damascus, Syria. Supervised by Noor Shaker, Julian Togelius and Ammar Joukhadar. There’re three published papers so far for Ropossum in IEEE CIG 2013 (where it was nominated for best paper award) and AIIDE 2013 (see the publication section for more, and Facebook page here). Ropossum V2.0 is coming soon in May 2014 and it’ll be amazing!

2 responses to “Ropossum V1.0: A Physics-based Game Authoring Tool”

  1. Artificial Intelligence! Now what? | Mohammad Shaker Avatar

    […] I’ve been working on now (2013 and ongoing) is a authoring tool for Cut the Rope, named Ropossum V1.0. The game is named Cut the Rope: Play Forever. Ropossum is all about letting you design your own […]


  2. New version of Ropossum V1.5 is coming soon! « Mohammad Shaker Avatar

    […] know about Ropossum.. uh.. com’on, who don’t know about it?! Ok, take a look here and […]


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