New version of Ropossum V2.0 is coming soon!

So! There’s a newer version of Ropossum! The new version of Ropossum will feature a new [awesome] functionality for players and designers alike. (if you don’t know about Ropossum.. uh.. com’on, who don’t know about it?! take a look here and here.) Peek view on the new version is the following screen shots (which I hope you may not understand :P) Ropossum V2.0 will feature two new … Continue reading New version of Ropossum V2.0 is coming soon!

Car Dynamics [Physics Simulation]

This is my project in my third year of studying in the Faculty of Information Technology Engineering in Damascus, Syria, 2011 with Ismaeel Abo Abdalla, Zaher Wanli and Mhd Noor Alhamwi. The project simulates the physics of the car movement with/without Anti Brake-Lock System (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Global Positioning System (GPS) all in realtime. You can download the presentation and the doc from … Continue reading Car Dynamics [Physics Simulation]