GGBox: Time Shifts – Pre-Alpha Footage + Playable Demo – لعبة موسيقا جديدة!

GGBox: Time Shifts لعبة موسيقية جديدة، وتطوير عن نسخة GGBox بنسخة تجريبية يمكن أن تلعبها الآن على متصفحك فوراً! ألق نظرة على التريلر ضمن البوست، إلعبها وأخبرني برأيك! رابط اللعبة هنا والتريلر هنا. GGBox: Time Shifts, is an evolution of the GGBox prototype with time shifting. It’s a rhythm-based, procedurally generated, survival, against the time, game. […]

Ropossum V1.0: A Physics-based Game Authoring Tool

This is May 2013 version of Ropossum. i.e. Ropossum V1.0 which serves as my graduation project in the Faculty of Information Technology Engineering in Damascus, Syria. Supervised by Noor Shaker, Julian Togelius and Ammar Joukhadar. There’re three published papers so far for Ropossum in IEEE CIG 2013 (where it was nominated for best paper award) […]