GGBox: Time Shifts – Pre-Alpha Footage + Playable Demo – لعبة موسيقا جديدة!

GGBox: Time Shifts لعبة موسيقية جديدة، وتطوير عن نسخة GGBox بنسخة تجريبية يمكن أن تلعبها الآن على متصفحك فوراً! ألق نظرة على التريلر ضمن البوست، إلعبها وأخبرني برأيك! رابط اللعبة هنا والتريلر هنا. GGBox: Time Shifts, is an evolution of the GGBox prototype with time shifting. It’s a rhythm-based, procedurally generated, survival, against the time, game. This is a crazy early development build, but you need to taste! Play a demo here! Continue reading GGBox: Time Shifts – Pre-Alpha Footage + Playable Demo – لعبة موسيقا جديدة!

#SyncSeven, my newest game on Android!

Hi again! After a while! I’m very happy to introduce my latest game on Android, #‎SyncSeven. The game is a procedurally generated music game. It’s about enchanting your visual perception, feelings and musical taste! Just sync your taps with turns generated according to the peaks in the music. The more rapid the music the faster you should be, it’s the black and white Burst Mode! A bit hard at first, but the more you play, the more you will feel the music, and the more you’ll enjoy. Now FREE on Google Play here And a trailer here. Enjoy! Feedback welcomed! Continue reading #SyncSeven, my newest game on Android!

New version of Ropossum V2.0 is coming soon!

So! There’s a newer version of Ropossum! The new version of Ropossum will feature a new [awesome] functionality for players and designers alike. (if you don’t know about Ropossum.. uh.. com’on, who don’t know about it?! take a look here and here.) Peek view on the new version is the following screen shots (which I hope you may not understand :P) Ropossum V2.0 will feature two new agents and an improved user interface for easy realtime interaction with the system (for example and to keep you interested,  generating levels is a massive 35 times faster than the previous version by one of the two new … Continue reading New version of Ropossum V2.0 is coming soon!

Artificial Intelligence! Now what?

Two years ago I have done a brief introduction on Artificial Intelligence for those who just finished high school and want to get in universities (which I wrote about before, here.) If I would do it again now, I’ll do it completely different. My grasp of AI technologies and how much they emerged in our life has been widened upon the narrow view of regular AI approaches. From Google glass and wearables to Xbox One and leap motion, the hardware can deliver awesome platforms for us to implement amazing ideas into our everyday life. From start-ups and one-man-team to indie developers, we … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence! Now what?