Showcase of My Research on Games & AI

This should be added to the title: “till the end of Oct. 2014” I had this cool oppurtionty to have a 1.5-hour talk in ITU of Copenhagen about my work on game so far. My experience with Procedural Content Generation for Physics-based Games (My work on Ropossum), my work with player modelling (the first ever adaptive first-person shooter game) and my future work on a novel approach for ultra-fast generation across different game genres. Continue reading  Showcase of My Research on Games & AI

The best way to get a book deal? Write a story 19 million people want to read

Originally posted on TED Blog:
17-year-old Beth Reekles had a really good year. She published two books; appeared on national TV; sold the film rights for her first book, The Kissing Booth; graduated from high school and started college; and earned a spot on TIME’s list of the most influential teens of 2013, alongside household names like Malia Obama and Justin Bieber. And still she found time to watch five seasons of Gossip Girl. How did such a young woman get so far so fast? When Beth was 15, living at home in Wales, she wrote a novel (“the kind… Continue reading The best way to get a book deal? Write a story 19 million people want to read

Social Relationship and Decision-Making explained by Fuzzy Logic

This slide was part of my Fuzzy Logic seminar back in 2013 at the Faculty of Information Technology Engineering of Damascus, Syria in the subject of Fuzzy Logic. The seminar encounter the principle of decision making from fuzzy logic perspective, giving an insight fuzzy-social decision making in a fuzzy social environment. The study is based on this research paper.   Continue reading Social Relationship and Decision-Making explained by Fuzzy Logic

Specializations On Coursera

I was wondering today why Coursera hasn’t yet got the initiative to implement full programs, that consist of multiple courses, on specific domains. It will be, for instance, like specializing in particular topic in universities master programs. That thing is I was very delighted when I searched for it today and there you go! Here it is! Coursera has really done it! It’s a very big opportunity for us to get on with online education FOR REAL now. I hope that I can enroll in one of the courses. Continue reading Specializations On Coursera

Artificial Intelligence! Now what?

Two years ago I have done a brief introduction on Artificial Intelligence for those who just finished high school and want to get in universities (which I wrote about before, here.) If I would do it again now, I’ll do it completely different. My grasp of AI technologies and how much they emerged in our life has been widened upon the narrow view of regular AI approaches. From Google glass and wearables to Xbox One and leap motion, the hardware can deliver awesome platforms for us to implement amazing ideas into our everyday life. From start-ups and one-man-team to indie developers, we … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence! Now what?