I don’t know but I somehow forgot to publish a post of my new website (https://mohammadshaker.com/) that I launched earlier this month. Hope it’ll be a lot of fun, and well, GAMES! 😀

I grouped everything there, my main projects, seminars, courses, ..etc. I will also publish alpha releases of my new games there for free for everyone to play. Go visit it and you’ll play NEXT soon!


My website


Specializations On Coursera

I was wondering today why Coursera hasn’t yet got the initiative to implement full programs, that consist of multiple courses, on specific domains. It will be, for instance, like specializing in particular topic in universities master programs. That thing is I was very delighted when I searched for it today and there you go! Here it is! Coursera has really done…

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Artificial Intelligence! Now what?

Two years ago I have done a brief introduction on Artificial Intelligence for those who just finished high school and want to get in universities (which I wrote about before, here.) If I would do it again now, I’ll do it completely different. My grasp of AI technologies and how much they emerged in our life…

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