Drift Your Mind

“Every injection day, I would stop at the video store on the way to school and pick up a few films that I wanted to see. Throughout the day, I would think about how much I would enjoy watching them later. Once I got home, I would give myself the injection. Then I would immediately jump into my hammock, make myself comfortable, and start my mini film fest. That way, I learned to associate the act of the injection with the rewarding experience of watching a wonderful movie. Eventually, the negative side effects kicked in, and I didn’t have such … Continue reading Drift Your Mind

Blind By Our Own Eyes

“When a person looks out at the world, he sees it filtered through a screen of his words, and this process is as invisible to him as water is to fish. We see the world and our words in one impression, as if we’re looking at a forest through a green filter. We can’t see what’s really green and what’s not. If we were to walk around with the filter in our eye long enough, we’d forget it was there, and life would just be green.” Dave, Logan. “Tribal Leadership.” Continue reading Blind By Our Own Eyes

Emphasize Choice

Frank Jordan told us: “I tell people they have a choice, and at first they don’t believe me. But I say, ‘I’m like you; I grew up with one parent and not much to do, and I chose a life of service, and so can you.’” There are two aspects of his pitch that are noteworthy. First, he doesn’t look down on people, no matter their cultural stage, and as a result he slowly builds rapport. Second, he emphasizes the one thing that Stage One doesn’t see: choice. As he told us: “If people can see that they have a … Continue reading Emphasize Choice

A Lost Generation

“In August 2010, the International Labor Organization (ILO) published its report on Global Employment Trends for Youth 2010. The report concludes that there are approximately 620 million economically active young people worldwide. At the end of 2009, 81 million of them were unemployed; the highest number ever, and almost 8 million more than in 2007. The youth unemployment rate increased from 11.9 percent in 2007 to 13.0 percent in 2009. The ILO argues that these trends will have “significant consequences for young people as upcoming cohorts of new entrants join the ranks of the already unemployed” and warns of the … Continue reading A Lost Generation

The Story of “0”

“ZERO had a long history. The Babylonians invented the concept of zero; the ancient Greeks debated it in lofty terms (how could something be nothing?); the ancient Indian scholar Pingala paired zero with the numeral 1 to get double digits; and both the Mayans and the Romans made zero part of their numeral systems. But zero really found its place about AD 498, when the Indian astronomer Aryabhata sat up in bed one morning and exclaimed, “Sthanam sthanam dasa gunam”—which translates, roughly, as “Place to place in 10 times in value.” With that, the idea of decimal-based place-value notation was … Continue reading The Story of “0”

The Story of “Free!” – Cont.

“Let me tell you a story that describes the real influence of FREE! on our behavior. A few years ago, Amazon.com started offering free shipping of orders over a certain amount. Someone who purchased a single book for $16.95 might pay an additional $3.95 for shipping, for instance. But if the customer bought another book, for a total of $31.90, they would get their shipping FREE! Some of the purchasers probably didn’t want the second book (and I am talking here from personal experience) but the FREE! shipping was so tempting that to get it, they were willing to pay … Continue reading The Story of “Free!” – Cont.