Here’s what been in my mind in the last week.

Something I keep doing

Reading in the sun, sitting on the floor. I don’t want a mansion. This is enough for me. It makes me extremely happy.

What’s wrong with me?

Recently I feel lost outside work. I feel myself focused on planning, and replanning, and planning again – not progressing on what I planned though. I wasn’t like this. I was either ON or OFF. Recently I’m neither ON nor OFF. I’m not talking about my day job. I’m talking about the rest of my life and personal projects.

I was listening to Tim Ferris conversation with Gary Keller and the focus on one thing at a time. It’s perfect timing for me. And it reminds me of my younger self. Anyone can listen to the 2nd half of it and get something out of it. It’s good.

A quick thing I can do is limit my decision making to 1 major thing a day. Simply asking myself: If I am to do only 1 thing, and 1 thing only this day or this week, what would it be?

Simple question for a good day. More on this next week.

Something I keep doing

Exercise. 6 days a week. If long walks (1.5h+) counts, then it’s 7 days a week.

Best of what I watched

Not sure yet, but this course by Harvard on applied Calculus seems mind boggling. It’s applied calculus. Not theory. All application. Exactly what I want to refresh the foundation of my math. Here’s a screenshot of what you’ll learn!

Best of what I read

This tech the most impressive thing I’ve seen recently on AI. Make sure you play the videos.

Book I’m reading

Whenever I read for Dieter Rams, I’m in awe of the excellence of his work. The simplicity and the effortless design he produced in Braun is unparalleled. Maybe only by Sony and Johny Ive by Apple (by which Dieter Rams is actually an idol for Johny Ive.) I’m reading another book about him, Less but Better, which is structured as German with English translation side by side. Look at the shear simplicity – given the complexity involved.

Best buy of the week

A really delicious watermelon. A simple delight.

1 thing that is making me happy.

The summer. I’m a Syrian. A mediterranean. And I simply love the sun. My whole mood is way better in the summers. It’s a daily gift for me.

1 thing that is making me angry.

Feeling the lack of focus. Wrote above about getting back to basics. Will continue that on next week.

What did I love when I was a kid? I should do more of.

Legos and drawing. And I’m trying to find away to get back at them because I still love them. Whether via a product or a game I still don’t know. I’ve tried this before around 9 years ago with this game, TheX.

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