Here we go again. This is what’s been in my mind for the last week.

I’m remembering my father.

How I’m looking like my father, pictured above, both inside and out. I can see how I’m looking like him on the outside. And I can see how I’ve been doing things like him – especially for the last couple of years. He passed away 2 months ago. And it’s good that I’m remembering him more often. I’m picking up his tenacity in doing things. I’ve never, ever, seen my father overweight in my entire life, and it seems that I’ve obesity-phobia by training 6-7 times a week in the last couple of months, and regularly for the last few years. I still indulge in feasts way too often, just like him. But I’ll always balance that with very long walks or diligent exercise. Again, just like him.

Best of what I read.

My friend, Zaher Wanli, sent me this photo. From 2011 it seems. It’s appereantly from “The Magic of Thinking Big” (a good book.) A book from the small library I had back in my home in Syria. Indeed..

Life is too short to be little – Benjamin Disraeli

Something I keep using

My watch, a Garmin Fenix 7. Bought it at the beginning of this year. Had an Apple Watch for the last 4 years. The Garmin is good, but pricy. Thought it would be a bigger update. You have to be so hardcore about exercise for Garmin to make sense. Otherwise, stick with Apple Watch or sth else.

Best of what I watched

“Air” on Amazon Prime. At last a good calm movie this year. A terrible bunch of movies release in the last couple of years that I lost hope on anything new.

Something I succeeded in doing

Playing tennis without much pain. Don’t know if it’s because of this guy, the KneesOverToes guy. Still too early to know. But basically I’m doing 10 min of backward walking on a treadmill machine before I start my exercise.

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