So! There’s a newer version of Ropossum! The new version of Ropossum will feature a new [awesome] functionality for players and designers alike. (if you don’t know about Ropossum.. uh.. com’on, who don’t know about it?! take a look here and here.)

Peek view on the new version is the following screen shots (which I hope you may not understand :P) Ropossum V2.0 will feature two new agents and an improved user interface for easy realtime interaction with the system (for example and to keep you interested,  generating levels is a massive 35 times faster than the previous version by one of the two new agents!). There’s a big step on the overall performance and efficiency of the system. A competition for Cut the Rope: Play Forever and Ropossum may took place in the near future, not sure though.

Interested? Please let me know by email if you want [] or share your opinion down below in the comments.

Keep tuned! And as always.. great things are COMING! Ropossum V3.0 development has already begun with a new direction!

Ropossum V1.1


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