Intro to Event-driven Programming and Forms with Delphi

This is the first course I’ve taught back in 2010! I voluntarily taught this course at the Faculty of Information Technology Engineering of Damascus, Syria to the first year students (freshmen) when I was on my second year during the midterm holiday.  This was, as said, for freshmen who have a knowledge in Pascal (since it was taught as a preparatory programming language in the first semester of the first year.)

You can take a look at my slideshare account for this (and other) courses. Direct links for each slide is here:

  1. Delphi L01 Intro
  2. Delphi L02 Controls P1
  3. Delphi L03 Forms and Input
  4. Delphi L04 Controls P2
  5. Delphi L05 Files and Dialogs
  6. Delphi L06 GDI Drawing
  7. Delphi L07 Controls at Runtime P1
  8. Delphi L08 Controls at Runtime P2

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