Ropossum: Cut the Rope Authoring Tool Poster, AIIDE 2013

This is the poster we presented in the Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE 13), 2013. You can take a look at the papers in the publication section. You can also download the two papers from here and here. In these two paper we present Ropossum, an authoring tool for the generation and testing of levels of the physics-based game, Cut the Rope. Ropossum integrates many features: (1) automatic design of complete solvable content, (2) incorporation of designer’s input through the creation of complete or partial designs, (3) automatic check for playability and (4) optimization of a given design based on playability. The system includes a physics engine to simulate the game and an evolutionary framework to evolve content as well as an AI reasoning agent to check for playability. The system is optimised to allow on-line feedback and realtime interaction. The authors are Mohammad Shaker [Me] with Noor Shaker and Julian Togelius.

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