This project was part of KBS (Knowledge Base System) subject in the university of Damascus, Syria – department of AI with Mehdi Zonji, Mhd Hasan Sarhan and Ismaeel Abu-Abdalla.  The project was an evolutionary system dedicated to help both the patient and the doctor to get the best diet possible in light of the doctor’s instructions and prescriptions and the patient’s preferences and needs. It monitors the patient condition and how well he is doing over time and try to feed forward his dietary process in a manner he likes and wish for constrained by the doctor’s instructions. Taking the patient’s preferences (constraints in a genetic algorithm on fitness function) and merging them with a rule based system (to determine the right prescription) was a new approach that makes a diet an enjoyable experience. The system can suggest meals for the patient taking into consideration the patient’s current weight, weight history, food he like or dislike… etc. The system provides a rich, responsive and beautiful UI (WPF + PRISM) that can be used by the doctor and the patient to track the overall dietary process. This project has been awarded the best project of NLP – FIT Damascus, Syria 2012.

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