Hi all!
So, I have this idea recently of posting, regularly I think, some of the paragraphs I find interesting while reading some of the books. To make the reading experience of those paragraphs more enjoyable for you, I’ll try to make it as tight as possible, 1-Min-Reading. I’ll try sometimes to post the paragraphs unfinished so you can come on a day later and carry on reading from the point we stopped. The paragraphs won’t be on a particular domain, I’ll only post from the books I’m reading and really find enjoyable. I won’t go through an entire book or tackle each book in order. Therefore, different subjects will be posted sequentially.
I’ll begin with Predictably Irrational book by Dan Ariely. I should note though that all the materials are not mine and they all belong to the authors.
Hope it’ll be a nice experience for me and you! so let’s start!

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