Cut The Rope Play Forever is a game with endless levels. The designed framework let you play the beloved Cut The Rope game as much as you want and the levels will keep coming. Using Ropossum authoring tool, You can also design your own levels with the first ever evolutionary framework for evolving playable content for physics-based games. With Ropossum you can check your designed levels for playability on real time, ask it to complete your unfinished designs according to your own preferences. It can even suggest endless playable design variations according to your initial level design.

Visit Cut the Rope Play Forever Project and the publication section here for more information on Cut The Rope Play Forever. Don’t forget to watch the trailer and like the page!

2 responses to “Cut the Rope Play Forever and Ropossum Authoring Tool”

  1. Artificial Intelligence! Now what? | Mohammad Shaker Avatar

    […] (2013 and ongoing) is a authoring tool for Cut the Rope, named Ropossum V1.0. The game is named Cut the Rope: Play Forever. Ropossum is all about letting you design your own levels, check your designed levels for […]


  2. New version of Ropossum V1.5 is coming soon! « Mohammad Shaker Avatar

    […] So! I have just submitted a paper in the Tenth Annual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, AIIDE 2014 conference (co-authored with Noor Shaker, Mohamed Abo-Zleikha and Julian Togelius) for a newer version of Ropossum! The new version of Ropossum (Ropossum V1.5) will feature a new [awesome] functionality for players and designer alike. (for those who don’t know about Ropossum.. uh.. com’on, who don’t know about it?! Ok, take a look here and here.) […]


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