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Latest Games on Android, 2016


A minimalistic,
2D swipe puzzler
for color lovers.

Grab it now on Android.
*It is: The X

Paper Ski

A rhythm-based game
about skiiiing in
crazy hostile environment of
rocks, trees, and some* animals.

Grab it now on Android.
*watch the trailer


A rhythm-based game about
people, music, relationships,
interactions and abstract art.

Grab it now on Android.

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Play SyncSeven on Android. And Time Shifts, Spectre, GGBox, NEXT, iNversion and Collapse prototypes on your browser now!

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The state-of-the-art authoring tool to design your own physics-based games.


An app to meet new people, play with your children, while having fun.


Want to play an endless puzzle game? Just play the new NEXT!

STYX Framework

A personalized first person shooter game that generates itself especially for each one of us! every time!